Climate Odyssey performance!

Created together with the inhabitants of the Telheiras neighborhood over the course of 3 months, Climate Odyssey is a performative journey on climate change. It was supported by an interactive process of art-&-science sessions, presenting new action research approaches to climate change. There were 3 presentations on the 26th of May, at 4 pm, 5 pm and 6 pm (duration 70-85 min).

Climate Odyssey was conceived by Julia Bentz  and Sara Dal Corso with the support of Letícia do Carmo and Jörn Schirok.

In weekly interactive workshops during four months we reflected and shared knowledge and perspectives on climate change. In a co-creational approach that both involves artistic and scientific methods we collected many ideas that contributed to the generation of our community theatre play “Odisseia Pelo Clima” (Climate Odyssey). Inspirations were endangered species, climate fiction, historic events, utopian visions and many others. From these inspirations small performances started to crystallize and we created the play. See below some pictures from our three (sold out!) performances on the 26th of May 2019.

Photos by Ana Isa Mourinho


Ana Filipa Fernandes
Bárbara Pinheiro
Daniela Rato
Guilherme Weishar
Inês dos Santos Silva Machado
Joaquim Conceição
Joern Schirok
Julia Bentz
Leticia do Carmo
Madalena Horta
Manuel Antonio da Silva
Maria Inês Costa
Maria Margarida Costa
Mariana Melo Sales
Mariana Pereira
Melissa Catherine Loja
Noemi Luna Carmeno
Sara Dal Corso
Valeriy Zota