Creative Education for Transformation

Education can be a means of transformation. It can make an invaluable contribution to the equitable and sustainable development of societies. With this research I aim to develop and explore innovative learning and teaching methods and practices that inspire and empower young people to become transformative leaders. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, this research aims to cooperate with schools and universities and other relevant knowledge keepers. It will be advancing research on how to engage young people in sustainability transformations and cultural change in a way that is inspiring, meaningful and empowering for them.

The arts and the humanities can play a critical role in engaging young people with new perspectives on climate change. At universities as well as at school, humanities classes, including literature, foreign languages and philosophy, offer environments for critical, integrative and reflexive approaches and the arts disciplines including visual art, theater and music can provide spaces for creative imagination, experimentation and perspective-taking. Integrating arts-based methods and climate change education and engagement can thus serve as a powerful means of expanding young people’s imagination and empowering them to co-create new scenarios for transformative change.

Young people’s call for action – video

Being part of the Organising Committee of the European Climate Change Adaptation Conference 2019, which took place 28-30 May in Lisbon, one of my tasks was to involve youth in the conference. I produced a video with young people and with…

The ART OF CHANGE school project

The project ART FOR ADAPTATION aims to challenge habits and empower youth for new climate narratives and solutions through transformative learning and art.