Blueprint stories for desirable futures

ART FOR ADAPTATION promotes art-and-science workshop such as the Blueprint Stories. In this workshop, participants create an image/story for an imaginary museum in the future. The image/story creation involves creative writing and cyanotype photographic printing.

DSC_1241This workshop explores the transformative potential of art through challenging current thinking on climate change and presenting new ways of approaching it. Participants embark on an imaginary journey to the future and use creative-artistic practices to develop alternative narratives (image/story) and share insights. While learning in a playful way about the topic of climate change, participants experience the creative potential of artistic practices. Creative writing techniques and cyanotype printing elicit the image/story.

DSC_1255Cyanotype is a simple photographic printing process that produces cyan-blue prints. Discovered in 1842 by the English scientist and astronomer Sir John Herschel, it was used for reproducing notes and diagrams, and for documenting plant life. In this workshop we use cyanotype prints to illustrate core values and messages for present generations imagined and gathered and on a journey to the future.


On the festival Andanças taking place in Castelo de Vide, Portugal (1-5 August 2018), ART FOR ADAPTATION promoted two Blueprint Stories workshops.

Facilitators: Sofia Regalo (cyanotype printing), Julia Bentz (science, storytelling)

Photos: Ana Isa Mourinho