Book chapter published (in Portuguese)!

ART FOR CHANGE is a 30-day change experiment where participants receive information and insights, then reflect on and share their experiences. By approaching change as an experiment, we start to question our assumptions, habits and loyalties. What makes change easy or hard? What kinds of conversations does it generate? In exploring “what if?” and “why not?” we start to see things differently. We see new solutions and understand that we are in fact part of those solutions.

ART FOR CHANGE aims to challenge habits and empower youth for new narratives and solutions. It intends to visualise the connection between the problem of global climate change and our daily actions. It aims to reflect on the implications of individual and collective change towards more sustainable forms of living.

ART FOR CHANGE helps people to see where, why and how they make a difference. This opens up for real and potentially lasting change – including the systemic changes that are needed to create an equitable and sustainable world.

Book chapter published!

Thanks to the collaboration with the project ÁGORA, a book chapter was published about ART FOR CHANGE in the beautiful e-book CRIAR CORPO CRIAR CIDADE. It discusses preliminary results of the collaboration project with Antonio Arroio Art High School and shows some art works of the involved students.

Have a look. Free download.

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