ART FOR CHANGE – Challenging habits and empowering youth

What happens when 26 high school students from the António Arroio Art High School in Lisbon, Portugal explore the challenge of change?

Watch and find out! Between 12 January and 10 February 2018, these students will each commit to one change that contributes to sustainability. This could be the change that transforms everything.

How? Over 30 days, the students will consider everything from logistics, habits, cultural norms, regulations, social infrastructure, and their own beliefs and assumptions about change. Sharing their experiences, they will reflect on their own relationship to the many facets of change. This is not just about behavioral change, or making a small reduction in the global carbon budget. It is about understanding how change happens, and recognizing why people are the most powerful solutions to climate change.

Real transformations happen when people experience that they are connected to others, and that their ideas and actions matter. Every action creates ripples, and ripples can turn into waves. History shows us that collective movements are always energized by people who pose questions, share stories, and inspire others, Artists have always used creativity and courage to challenge current thinking.

Follow the blogs of students from the Antonio Arroio Art High School as they experiment with the 30-day CHALLENGE. Check out the art that they create. Be inspired, and watch the ripples spread.